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Fiber grid available in AP

Vijayawada, December 27, ( Government of Andhra Pradesh has been engaged in the fiber-grid project which is considered to be a revolutionary priority in information and technology. Chief Minister Chandrababu's commitment to spread information for all the people of Information Technology (IT) has been fulfilled. Digital India with Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be taking the initiative from AP. President Ramesh Kovind will begin this big event on Wednesday and dedicate it to the nation. The government will have three connections with one connection to the 'Fiber Grid' project to make the state a digital 'AP.' The government has decided to charge only Rs 149 for the internet, telephone and 250 channels at 15 MBP speed. The Internet Protocol Television (IPTVV), Gigabite Active Passive Optic Network (Japon) boxes are provided for these broadcasts. Other than the optional boxes offered by other private operators, the APTV and the Jeep Box are the most efficient. Hence these boxes will be up to Rs 4,000. The APSPFL, which thinks that such a burden is not enough to simultaneously, is decided to charge within 40 months of Rs 100 per month. The triple play service will be available to consumers for triple play services. Voice (telephone), video (TV channels), data (Internet) services are offered under triple play services. It includes IP televisions (including 250 channels - HD channels), unlimited limited high speed WiFi (15 mm for households, 100 mmbps for households) and free telephone connection (free unlimited limited calls between AP fiber clients). In the value-added services category, video conferencing facility, e-commerce, education, medicine, agricultural information, telemedicine, program recording, online bill payments, cachech TV, android applications, cloud based services are provided. For more details, call 1800-599-5555 toll free number. Rs.235k through the Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid project has been launched to provide internet, phone call facility, 250 TV channels, video calling and unlimited limited voice calls. Officials estimate that Rs 5,000 crore will be spent on fiber offices in the land tunnel. In addition, the government has given the idea of providing cable through current poles. Often has been set up for 23,800 current columns with just Rs.330 crores. The free space optic connection (FSOC) is an Internet connection with knowledge that can not be dumped. Google will provide its services in this project. With the help of Google technology, the internet will be available in areas where there are no wires within 20 kilometers. In the Digital AP project, a home or firm requires two types of boxes such as Japan Basic, IPTV, to provide fiber services. For this, 3.8 lakh Japanese boxes and 1.21 lakh IPTV boxes will be given by the government. Both of these are called customer preices equipment (CPE). That's why it's very cheap ... Rs 235K will be taken by the government. Rs. 149 charges, Rs. 35-36 taxes and Rs.50 for triple play boxes. Two of the 149 shares will be shared. Rs 110 for MSOs and cable operators and another Rs 39 for the government. This means that the government will get all kinds of services at a lower cost

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