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Special buses for Sankranthi

Vijayawada, December 25, ( special buses from APS RTC Vijayawada Pandit Nehru Bus Station will keep the view of the passenger congestion on the occasion of Sankranthi Parbat. From January 10 to 17, these buses will run to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam. Of these, 10 are Hyderabad, 66, Chennai 15, Bangalore 5 and Visakhapatnam 20 for 106 buses. There are 111 buses on 11th, 112 buses on 12th and 125 buses per day from 14 to 17. Overall, 609 buses to Hyderabad, 105 buses for Chennai, 35 buses for Bangalore and 80 special buses for Visakhapatnam. Venkata Rama Rao, Regional Manager, said, "All these buses, except those special buses, will run out at all times.

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