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Nominated fight in TDP

Srikakulam, December 25, ( Telugu Desam Party has come to power four years ago ... The field of nominated positions has not been fully prepared. This will be the cadre of the District Cooperative Bank, which will end on January 21st, following the annoyance of Cader, DCCS. From now on, the chairman of the chairpersons are trying to make their attempts to make the effort. District Ministers, Kendra Akenhayudu, Kimdi Kalenkatara Rao, Parliament Member Kimarapu Ramaohannadi, Sharad Prabhakaran are proud to bring the Ravi Kumaras to the government. Similarly, the strength of the district MLAs is also being worked out on the formula for the consensus of consensus. The frustrated frustrations of the half-year-old Amravati waiting for nominated jobs have come without any expectation. In the election, the voters had assured many members of the delegates who had been delegated to the Supreme Court to provide regional balance for the social class leaders of the vote. Such assertions do not meet the reluctant leaders concerned. On January 21, 2013, the central bank and DMSMS were formalized by governments. The then Congress government was the chairman of the central bank, Dolma Jagan and DMCM chairman Gondu Krishnamurthy. However, their tenure will end on January 21 next year. Elections to the primary agricultural credit communities are to be maintained by new administrative divisions. The Telugu Desam Party, which is in power, is not a big task to get the P Chalanjeevi Pillai Mandal. TDP sources do not say that there is a lot of interest in contesting the PVS Presidents and Directors in the TDP, where political unemployment is serious. It has been reported that the government has been advised not to issue a government-appointed rule to appoint special authorities without holding cooperative elections in such adverse conditions. If the elections are held, 45 PACs will be elected by the President and the chairmanship of the Central Bank chairman and DIMS chairpersons at the district level. But the process of selecting these candidates in the party seal of the ruling party is a culture that mama seems to be. In the district TDP, the two groups have continued to be the head of the arts and the head of the party has become the head of Chandrababu. The TDP leaders have claimed that cooperative elections may not occur in such a difficult situation. Seniors blamed the recent MLAs for hiring a former MLA from the Congress, the former minister of the TDP, Especially the senior TDP leaders of the signature of the Pillai Appananayi to the fate of the fans turned to the horrific momentum. The Chief Minister promised that the central bank would come to the poultry house, along with the minister of ministers and sacked ministers of the ministers who were here to appease the leaders. There are also doubts about whether or not the central bank will be eligible for a guarantee of guarantee. SVR Ramana Congress of this zone was the chairman of the Central Bank for two and a half years. Appalamana from Kapu Socialism has played a major role in the signature politics of 1983. The Palghanda is a well-known leader of the TDP in today's Rajam constituency. Whether or not the chairman of the chair chose hike in the chair of the Naidu, even if the corporate politician does not speculate whether the TDP's neutrality or immigration chooses the color. Nartu Narendra Modi from Idukupuram constituency in the Central bank vice chancellor was seen riding a bicycle in the presence of TDP Kandu Achan. The academic of the Yadava social group expresses the concerns about the failure of the Central Bank to give Narendra a vast experience in Congress politics. In the case of DMSC, there are many leaders in the race for the people of Adadaala, Ezhars, Srikakulam and Narasanapetta constituencies. TDP leaders, who have full experience in the cooperative sector, have expressed hope in this pillar. The chairman of the thriller party, which is the name of whom the two chairs will be chosen, will be chosen by the social groups.

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