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Brahmanagari works in ruins

Kadapa, Kurnool, December 25, ( future of Pottuluri Veera Brahmanam Pallava Pathaprasas has now become questionable. Kadapa district Chitwali Mandalam Nagaripadu Sree Ranganayakaswamy temple is a sacred place in the temple. One of the prabhutra texts that broke the Brahmendra Swamy preserved in the presence of Ranganayakaswamy Mudivirat. The documents were deteriorated since it was almost three centuries ago. Even though the temple committee is trying to protect them, the power is not enough. Still, there is no chance of knowing what is in the book. The portions that have been preserved in the temple are almost exaggerated. Srirama Vera Guru Veera Brahmana Menama on the wooden armor attached to the palm leaf. And the temple elders know the interesting and interesting facts about how this calendar of books came to the temple of Ranganayakaswamy
Kalinagini Pottuluri Veerabrahmam ... Kannirireddi Achamma Sannidhi in Banagana Pallai, Siddheyamatham in Kadapa district, Brahmangarimathas, Chitwali Mandal Nagaripadu Sri Ranganayakaswamy Temple is considered as the Pottuluri Veerabrahmam. His disciples wrote the teachings of his life during the lifetime of his disciples and preserved them in these temples. The Nagaripadu temple has reached the sacred papers. Saving them has become a big problem now. Mahagirani Shrimadvirat Pottuluri Veerabrahmandaswamy, who explained thousands of years ago about the tremendous sizes, disasters and surprising events we are seeing now. He was born in Banagana Palli in Kurnool district. When was he born? Where was born? There have been arguments on topics that have been revealed to the general public. Some estimate that he may have been born between 1600 and 1610 BC. Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy is said to have demonstrated many great things in life. But if the glimpses are true, whether or not the argumentation of the argument is that the majority of Hindus believe in the future as the foremost indicator. An amalgamer is the kingdom of the year ... Indira Gandhi has been the Prime Minister for sixteen years. The screen masks the toys. Currently, actors are coming into politics. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was earlier a film actress. Our former Chief Minister NT Rama Rao is from the film industry. Chiranjeevi, Vijayasantham, Jamuna - If you go to a large number of actors in politics, people come to power in the election. So the words Poetuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy literally come true.

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