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Sonia Gandhi Break with instructions from the doctors

Hyderabad, December 16, ( Gandhi's daughter-in-law and Congress president Sonia Gandhi's politics have been put on hold. With the help of health, she will take care of her son Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is the president of the party for 19 years. Sonia, who had taken the party after the death of her husband, Rajiv Gandhi, has managed everything. Sitaram Kesari and PV Narasimha Rao were the presidents in the middle. Now it is a sensational announcement that we will be permanently quitting politics. Sonia's son Rahul Gandhi was elected as president of AICC and his weight was lifted. Rahul will be the party's president tomorrow. Sonia's withdrawal has become interesting in national politics. Sonia Gandhi attended the parliamentary session. Sonia spoke to the media while returning after the session was postponed. "Rahul is taking charge as party president. I will go away from politics, "he said. Rahul continues as a full-fledged president after Congress plenary. Sonia Gandhi is suffering from cancer. She also went to America for its treatment. However, the disease is likely to show its pride. She was restricted to the rest of the day with the advice of doctors.

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