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Old city to shift...

Hyderabad, December 16, ( old bastard is going to be great. I had a chance to look forward to expecting anytime. During the New Year, the government is making two projects available to older people. The Muhurthi is almost finalized to lay the foundation for newly proposed new flyover over the national highway. South Zone zonal commissioner Srinivasuddin said that the Ketiar will be laid on the flyover in the Bahadurapura area after the end of the Telugu Maha Sabha in the city. In all these works, over 35 crore funds have been identified and 23 private properties have been identified in the road. They said compensation payments were completed by the government. The part of the Bahadurgara Police Station and Bahadurgara Mandala offices in the main road has been seized. As part of the expansion of roads, the police stations and zonal offices will be reconstructed to the respective offices. The private property was fully acquired and claimed compensation. We have already completed the land tests as part of flyover tasks in the Bahadurapura area. We are also planning to launch the first park under the JHMC in Pathankara. Ketirabad Park is planning to launch Kishanbagh Park as well. Pathakala people prefer to travel to different parts of the city for the pleasure to join with family members, including entertainment. In the backdrop, the children were given special arrangements for the children to play.

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