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Sandeep Kishan is wearing another hit in Tamil

( young heroine Sandeep Kishan made it a bit sweet and bitter for 2017. This year's 'City' .. 'Shamanthakamani' .. 'C / o Suriya' has captured

critical epilage. Maturity appears in acting. Even though the star appeared to be stuck in the film, the film did not impress. But in Tamil Nadu, Sandeep has good

results. The 'city' of the year came to be super hit in Tamil. The Tamil version of 'C / o Surya' has been well appreciated. Sundeep Kishan has come into the theaters

of another movie. That is Maya.

Mayaan is going to be released in the Telugu version under Project Zed.

CV Kumar's directorial debut, Mayaan is a producer with a variety of films. Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine. Jackie Cruz played a key role. This thriller movie has

come to the audience this weekend. The preview of the film was pre-made and good response. Response was also in the theaters. Reviews are cool. Openings are huge. A

breathtaking story, narrative .... The viewers say Sandeep Kishan is superficial. The film is going to be released in Telugu soon as 'Project Zed'.

Tamil heroes do the Telugu market, but Telugu heroes are trying very little. But Sandeep Kishan has said that he has won a craze with success in Tamil market. Sandeep

Kishan with Mayaan has bagged another hit in Tamil market.

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