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Martyrs inspired tour from Friday: Kodandaram

Hyderabad, December 21, ( chairperson Kodandaram said that the seventh stage martial in the Nalgonda district of Jammu and Kashmir will be held at Elibnagar on Friday morning. On Thursday he spoke to the media. In Jalandhar district, in Jalandhar district, We will travel on key points in these two days. Many problems in the Nalgonda district will be mixed with people and the district is facing severe water shortages. Adivasi and tribal issues should be solved equitably. He said that the physical attacks are not worth it. He criticized the government with a big problem between the two sides. It should be reviewed on ITD funding. All immediate action should be taken on ST reservation. Telugu ceremonies were not as great as they did. He said that the mobs were needed but could have kept the federation. No different than what happened in the past. The government ignored the people who fought in the Telangana movement. Kodandaram said that it is a bad thing to call them like Gaddar, Vimalakka and Andhe Sri. JAC thinks that the Telugu Maha Sabha was held without phase or direction. The arrest of Munda Krishna is not correct. The Government should take all of the Government's allies on the ABCD categorization and take him to Delhi. He demanded that the Embassy activists and the immediate release of Munda Krishna be released.

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