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Sabarimala income at record levels...

Thiruvananthapuram, December 18, ( Ayyappa Viswamy's holy shrine Sabarimala temple hundi revenue this year has significantly increased. In the 25 days after the opening of the Swami Temple, on 16th November, The Travancore Crown Court has announced that it has earned 101 crores. Last year, Rs. An additional 15 crore has been reported. In the history of Sabarimala temple it is the record of the all time record. It is possible that temple revenue will rise further until the Mandala Puja is completed. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 85.96 crore in the same period last year. By Monday, it was Rs 1,01,08,80,925. Officials said Rs 52,6302745 crores were sold by promotions and Rs 35,89,26,885 crores through hundi. Officials said the visa is three to five hours. On the other hand, devotees are getting more trouble with rains. Children and elderly people, especially women, are unable to stand in queue. The security personnel are so vigilant that they do not get any kind of help as much as possible. Aiyappapaswamy temple opened to Mandala Puja is open to Makaru Vilakku (Makara Jyoti). On January 22, the temple is closed down and the temple is closed.

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