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Aadhaar wants to get in Goa...

Panaji, December 18, ( deadline has been imposed by the Aadhaar Center for the bank accounts, mobile and pensioners and welfare schemes for March 31. However, the organizers in Goa say Aadhaar must be shown. Young people who go to bachelor parties also wish to get a feast or not. Such organizers supplied sex workers. Police have been intimidated for these past few years and have been intimidating these businesses. They want to give customer details and audar. The experience of Delhi teenagers was in Goa. The young men who went to the Bachelor Party got into a hotel in North Goa. We had five girls requesting the manager. The manager who arranged their request for a few days later requested them to put Aadhaar, their photos and hotel booking details in Watsap. The young men told the media that they had sent the girls after they had verified that they were not police. The police have to send their girlfriend after they have confirmed that there is no danger from the police. The Aadhaar card should be shown for ped sex and the decision is taken by the pips for fear of police.
Customers 'Aadhaar details are sent to the customers' customers when they compare their hotel room details. Audar is a must-play online. A police officer said that when the police sent 5 to 10 women, they would not be able to get out of the case if the police were caught. 90 per cent of these people are fraudulent, "he said. Sex workers can be grabbed by the tourists and grabbing heavily from them. After being spending time with her in the privacy of herself, the people who are the first to make the go

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