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Plan for a comprehensive survey on janmabhumi

Vijayawada, December 29, ( government is preparing to collect more information about the public. The government has recently collected all the details through various surveys and the details of the government's latest janmabhumi. Prepare different patterns for this and send them to the villages. In the next year, the authorities are expected to keep the key information in the hands of the elections and thereby find out what else can be done. In the model prepared for the latest birthplace, people have decided to collect details of the benefits, pensions, agriculture, education and medicine. The instructions were ordered to update those details later. The janmabhumi anniversary of the next date of January next year will also give priority to the survey along with distribution of schemes. As the power and opposition have already come into the polls, Chandrababu has decided to extract information in all aspects through this survey. Officials say that they are getting ready for future plans. There are many beneficiaries for pensions and how many people will be given the details. Christmas, Ramzan, details of their receptions, lunch, nutrition, children's details, children's details, nail nails, gari nakuladu, anna hridam information. The farmers are also collecting information about crop, weather insurance, weavers, farmers, SCs, STs and free electricity. In addition to information on the use of cooking gas, new farm connections, use of borewells and other houses have been collected. The details of beneficiaries benefited from NTR medical service, number of free medical examinations, NTR Baby kits distribution, number of children using 108 services, mother -The baby expression The use of homeland sekarincanunnaru details. How many scholarships are used in academic curriculum, changed the literacy rate to the literacy rate and distribution of bicycles to the tenth class students. The model is also designed in the sense that the benefit provided by various welfare providers is also available to the beneficiary. Apart from the benefits of the beneficiaries, details of infrastructure in rural and urban areas will be collected as part of community development. Anganwadi centers, schools, their own buildings, shelter health centers, water for the farmers in the field of agriculture, rainfall card details, village roads and fiberglass connectivity.

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