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people grand welcome Social media :Chandrababu Naidu

Vijayawada, December 29, ( are no national celebrities who do not appreciate Andhra Pradesh and CM Chandrababu during three and a half years. If the digital revolution is in all the words, our chief minister shows it to the world. Chandrababu Naidu, who was earlier in the use of the technology, is getting the best of the state by taping new holes. The use of technology to enhance transparency in governance, the President, the National media and the celebars are making use of Chandrababu technology in all Twitter. In addition to those in North India, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also raising Chandrababhani in the social media. How to use technology in governance? There is talk in social media on what kind of benefits are there. From the dashboard to the virtual review ... Real Time Governance, while the next level ... All of these are looking at the financial expense of the national media as a surprise. Separate the love of technology ... differentiate the use of the possibilities. Chandrababu is presently present to the world ... From Microsoft BIGGETS, EWALTI FIND TECH, BLACK CHINN TECHNOLOGY, REAL TIME GOVERNANCE, CORE DASH BORI Fiber Net, DACA Chandra BABA Technologies are the ones who have seen the reforms coming under the rule. That is why Chandrababu is the name of the high-tech babu. The specialty of the Chandrababu regime is that ... the use of technology hinges in the development has just begun

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