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Pavan Kalyan responds to a series of tweets...

Hyderabad, December 23, ( Vasudeva Dasasana Parvatam, Vasantha Vasantha, Jason's chief Pavan Kalyan has made a series of tweets. It was tweeted that the AP people wanted to explain the TDP government on the incident. Reports say that the TDP leaders are spoiling this and after hearing about it he is very worried. It has never taken any action against the people who have been forced to go on ... Pandan Kalyan has said that coughing is not to be cautious when reacting on such sensitive issues. If the government did not react, the situation would be deteriorating and Rohit's suicide had to lead to the tensions. The authorities have called for silence, and indirectly warned that if he spoke personally and talked about the extreme pressure on them, He said the government was trying to protect the dignity of women and to ensure justice for them. "It is not a good practice for some people to do some personal work," said Vishakha district collector and SP to demand an immediate action against this incident. The Vasakapatnam team will meet the victims to see what has happened and that she will see justice to her. The authorities should not forgive those who violate the constitutional rights of the Constitution. If the authorities were to play a spectacular role ... they warned people that the law was likely to hit their hands. The media for the sensation is not to be corrupted ... to take responsibilities. The ruling TDP, the BJP and the Opposition and the Vice-Leaders should discuss the Assembly in this regard.

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