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Travels Mafia hooped again

Vijayawada, December 23, (

Travels Mafia is once again committed to exploiting people. Crossing the line, Chris mashes to the clutches of the alley. With the RTC, the travel travelers have

become a syndicate. Increased rates of interest, a special article on stagnation ... private travels have been looted for another time. Sankranti is passing the

passengers before the festival. Most of the pilgrims are coming from Hyderabad to own wool for three days in a row. Chris masse festivities, Shani and Adi stayed

together for a couple of consecutive trips. Vizag, Vijayawada, Chennai, Bangalore, Karimnagar, Rajamandri, Kakinada and Tirupati are going to go to many places. This

is the same as the private travels owned by the airline. APRC and TS RTC tickets online Online With the advent of special services, passengers were forced to take

private buses. Private bus owners have become a syndicate and have increased ticket rates three times.
APRTTC TS RTC Private Travels

Vijayawada ............. 350 Non Non AC, 480 AC 600 Normal Day 1800 present
Vizag ...... 650 Rs NAN AC, 900 AC 750 Normal Day 2100 present
Karimnagar is not an area like this, it has increased bus rates on all routes. In Abi Bus and Red Bazaars, the rates are also increased and the tickets are sold.

Dhananjaya Travels, SVS, Diwakar Travels, Cauvery Travels, Sai Krishna Travels, Morning Star, BSR, SV Kati, Shri Attular, Priyanka, Reddy Express, etc. Hundreds of

Travels Mafia bus rates have been increased. Travelers want the government to scream over private travels. The owners are demanding that the owners of the passenger

pumped up with the RTA officials and take immediate action on it.

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