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Pavan and Jagan's words of war.....

Hyderabad, December 8, ( CM's son does not want to be CM. People can vote if they can vote. But it is not good to do the job. That is why Jagan has failed. There is a seal on the pics of corruption. If the ruler is corrupt, people will have influence. Jagan's chairman Pavan Kalyan said that Jagan's president Jagan did not support in the last election. If you support a person like Jagan, he feels he might be. It is foolish that he wants to be chief minister even if his father is a CM. Is it democracy? Pawan said. The fate of the Chief Minister to the state, the bribe-taking person, said that the whole society would be able to do so. Pavan once again said that he did not support a person who has been corrupt (thousands of crores), fearing him and does not support the VCP. Pavan said he has no hatred and hatred against Jagan. Pavan said he would not be the chief minister, public service, and if necessary, he would take a walk. Do you go to the pad if you do it? Pavan asked in a straightforward way. He believes that the people who want the good will be the Chief. Telangana leaders claiming that the Andhra leaders were exploited. Now they have contracted projects and the kings have switched, but ... the monarchy has not changed, Pavan said. YS Jaganmohan Reddy, the head of the Vice-Premier, said that he does not know Jasena's supporter Pavan Kalyan. Pavan will come to Chandrababu when he needs it, and Pavan criticizes Chandrababu for criticizing him. Pavanti is the same word on specialty. But Pavan Kalyan and Chandrababu are in influence. Pavan comes out of the impact of Chandrababu. Pavan knows that Chandrababu is fraudulent and wrong. Jagan replied to the question whether Chandrababu and Pavan could contest. Jagan said that people should come to power and bless the people and bless them. Pavan said he wanted to react on the issue of dreading privatization and we are always responding to public issues, while Jagan is party leaders.

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