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Time is good for middle class boy ...

Hyderabad, December 8, ( middle class boy 'Nani is ready with the trailer. 'Promo Beauty Sai Pallavi' and 'Nani-Middhi Kalla Abbai' will be released on 21st of December. The producer Dil Raji is busy post production works and the movie is planned to release on 11th December. The film is being released by social media. This will be followed by the audio release on December 11 and the whole songs will be released. The MCA teaser has received excellent response from the recently released MCA Theatrical Trailer. 3 million views were released before 24 hours. "Have you ever run the pinies if you have a shirt button? Did you cut ordinary jeans with blade and tone genes? Do you ever imagine a family photo with two children who look at the road over the road anytime? All of these are the middle class boys who have been told that my classes are dubbed for middle class boys. With the trailer released on December 11, the 'middle class boy' is going to be the top trending in YouTube, Nani Fans says.

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