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Part of the political drama bhagamathi.

Hyderabad, December 27, ( 'Beauty Anushka Reel Life becomes a politician. Now Anushka's 'bhagamathi' is going to come out on January 26. Ashka is directing the film 'Pilla Jamindar'. Recently released on the film, the first look of the film, teasers on the movie. Curiosity is going to be a film about how the movie is going to be. And the film is going to be 'Arundhati'. But according to latest information, the film is going to be a political drama. It seems to be an anushka politician on the screen. But the director seems to be adding a 500 year old story to the present story. Anushka will be seen in two different roles in the film as expected from the first. Anushka, who is karif's address for the lady oriented roles, says that the film is likely to improve its status. As shown in teaser, important scenes in the story seem to be in the castle. The film has been screened on UV Creations banner and has been screened in a budget of nearly 40 crores.

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