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85 Danger Spot in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 27, ( hazardous hazards in Hyderabad are threatening motorists. The road is loaded. Where there is no uncertainty about what kind of deaths. One of the twin cities is not the two .. There are 85 Danger spots. Special story on the dangers and death spots that bend the township ....
Voice over: Panjugatta Circle, Panajagutta Flyover, Jubilee Hills check post, Fill Nagar down .. Do you hear these names? Not everyone is traveling through these areas. These are not landmarks. Death spots that kill motorists. There are 85 in pairs. Of these, 46 are the most dangerous danger spots. A few days ago, Chinnari Ramya .. indirectly swallowed her grandfather. The Danger Spot at the Panagugutta Hindu Cemetery. There were 755 bike accidents in Hyderabad from January to October. 109 people died. More than 958 people have been injured, which means the intensity of the situation. Additional speed and alcohol abuse is taking place, police said. 80% of these deaths die from the age of 15 to 20 years old. Young people still want to try to be quick to grow in life but not to survive. Alcohol is driving the bikes faster and the police recollect that their lives and other people are being killed.

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