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List of candidates in the fray for the elections

Kurnool, December 25, ( two major parties did not conclude the decision to finalize candidates in the constituencies of local bodies. The deadline for filing of nominations is due on 26th of this month. After a two-day vacation, the nominees are left to file their nominations for the party's decision. Workers held a party meeting under the leadership of the District Incharge Minister Kalva Srinivas for three and four days, Vaikappa left the decision of party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Despite the optimism of the TDP with the decentralization of victory, the ultimate ticket between the four has been successful. Former minister KE Prabhakar, former MLA Chilla Ramakrishna Reddy, Nandia MP MP SPV Reddy Alludu Sridhar Reddy and Nandikothkuru Incharge Mandra Sivananda Reddy are currently trying their turn for a ticket. Party leaders are also revealing that they are one of them. The party's chief minister, CM Chandrababu, had discussed with the party leaders before traveling overseas, but the Inhabitants were not persuaded as the District Incharge Minister ordered the District Secretary to know the representatives of the local organizations in the district. When Chandrababu ended his foreign visit, district leaders are going to meet Amravati to meet him on Sunday. Party leaders claim that the name of the candidate will be finalized and declared. While no one wants to give a chance to them from Waikappa, information has been agreed that the party is willing to compete. Former MLA Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy, the party's leaders believe that he would contest from the seat of Srisailam, but the Jagan had informed the party that he could not contest the council elections. Party leaders have revealed that Jagan is in the process of choosing another candidate. Jogi Venkat Reddy has indicated to Jagan that his party will be in the hands of the veteran leader, but it is clear that Jogi Venkatar Reddy is not in a position to cover the cost. A leader of the party said that Jagan had already spoken to the choice of candidates with district leaders and he would announce only after knowing the TDP candidate. Jagan said that the party would announce its party candidate on Christmas Day. On the other hand, there is a huge campaign that is not possible to compete with Waikato. The party leaders feel that it will not be possible for them to take up the ticket to the ticket if the MLC is contesting on the byelection. There are concerns that the TPP's efforts to win with action, such as power and threats, are competitive without compromise. No matter how much the cost is spent, the competition is not going to come because the lack of confidence in the victory. All the nominations are on the expiry of the nomination but the choice of the candidate continues to be more intense

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