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No wall posts are available in Bhagyanagar...

Hyderabad, December 21, ( GHMC officials will be strictly dealing with the creation of Greater Hyderabad City as a clean city. As part of the city's recent activities, it has banned the flexibility of building flexible fences, banners, posters and political cutouts in the city. However, these agreements are not implemented in the city. Commissioner Janardhana Reddy held a meeting with representatives of political parties. The leaders of the political parties participating in the meeting are now going to be a discussion of the actions that are suppressing the opposition ... The unjustified wall posters in the city limits in the city of Hyderabad to change the style of the fate ... cutouts are controlled by Commissioner Janardhan Reddy. We are going to scream over those who have crossed the existing restrictions. The Commissioner said that the rules of the violation of the provisions of this regulation would be more severe than the Baldia's plans to make the city's image clean with a clean surveys soon. The Commissioner explained at the meeting of all the political parties that Minister Ketiar suggested for flexibilis and posters. All political parties should cooperate with them. Representatives of political parties in the all-party meeting participated in Meyer and Komishar Baldia officials expressed their objection to the GHMC regime. Responding to the plans to put down the opposition parties, The year before the JHMC election, the ruling TRS Party has violated all the restrictions of the city in the city of Mani Frixi .. banners petty City made it easy. The Commissioner questioned why the restrictions were not taking place. Festivals .... during the political conventions, they made clear all the permissions and posters .. flexes and cutouts were made clear. In the future, it is clear that this will continue. The cinematography was attended by representatives of urban volunteer organizations and BP city leaders. Wall posters say the entire industry is not doing all the big Advantages. However, the NGOs are not permitted on the wall of the city's own home and the commissioner has been advised to work harder on wall paintings. No matter where there are many regulations for city cleanliness, However, Uthaya shows thousands of advocates who are getting huge influence on Baltia. But to what extent do the leaders and representatives of the inquiry seek a survey on the possibilities of conducting it before the hard work is implemented?

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