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Jagan's birthday in Nallamada.....

Ananthapur, December 21, ( Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's birthday celebrations were held on Thursday. On this occasion party leaders and activists have moved heavily to Nallamada. The festive atmosphere appeared at YS Jagan's camp. Many leaders and activists congratulated Jagan with flowers. Heavy cake cut was cut and cut by YS Jagan. Jagan said that this should be done as a civil service. YS Jagan is celebrating a birthday celebration among the people and people. On the 41st day of the Nallamada cross, People's proceedings continued till Ranganipalli, Gopaperi and Ramagupuram to Bogatangalli. All the people across the road have been invited. On the other hand, party activists during YS Jagan's birthday celebrated various service programs in Telugu.

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