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More Passport Centers in AP

Vijayawada, December 26, ( requirements are increasing day by day. The number of software engineers, doctors, technicians and entrepreneurs who have gone abroad recently grew increasingly. Passport services have to be expanded for administrative convenience as well. The center focuses on setting up Passport Service Centers in Bhimavaram, Rajahmundry and Srikakulam districts in Andhra Pradesh. Initially, a new PSA would be set up in Bhimavaram. The formation of the green signal from the center has already been created. However, according to the sources, there is a delayed delay in the administration and technical aspects. The Regional Passport Office has already been conducted in Maripalem in Visakhapatnam district in five districts of AP with 13 districts. The passport service center (PSK) is run by the corporate body in Visakhapatnam. Programs such as Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Eastern and West Godavari districts, process of issuing passports and programs are being done in full swing here. But the officials are working on the field staff. Also, administrative issues are arising. There are many complaints regarding technical issues related to the functioning of data operators in case of confirmation of certificates that accompany the application, even if there is no delay in passport issuance. The focus center has recently launched a program to provide passport services through post offices. This has gained great popularity. The center has decided to set up PSEs on the same route. The Government, in the sense that it would be easy for passage of the passports, passing, examination, and police inquiry by passes through the PSGs, the government has completed the construction of a new PSK in West Godavari Bhimavar in AP. It's going to give it a surname gift. After this, PSKs will come in Srikakulam and Rajahmundry areas. However, the Center has decided to hand over the responsibility of the PSE to the corporate houses. It is going to be done through the corporate name of the company as it is going to be completed by now. A consultant has already been appointed. The Center is considering proposals for setting up a Passport Regional Office at Amrapatiya in AP Capital. While the campaign has been going on for the past few years, it is planning to issue applications for issuance of passports and passports through the eight districts of AP. The relevant sources think that it will be conveniently administrative.

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