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Rajnikanth's Political Activity Statement

Chennai December 26 ( seems like the time has come for Tamil Nadu to develop real-life experiences for years. Thalaivaa Rajinikanth's political entry seems to be almost complete. Rajinikanth's signals were made to this extent. On the 31st of this month, it is clear that political activity will be announced. He has been organizing a series of meetings with his friends. Speaking on the occasion of the commencement of the commencement, he said, "Rajinikanth has already delayed getting into politics. Speaking at the crowd, Rajani said that politics is not new to him. If I come into politics, I will succeed, "he said.
Once upon a time, he was guided to his fans by winning. He said he did not come into films with the intention of super star. These meetings are being held at Raghavendra Kalyanamantapa in Kodambakkam. As Rajani clarifies on the political entry, his fans are floating in happiness. His entry into politics is debatable. Rajinikai will have a thousand fans per day at these meetings. Rakey Nagar is coming to the idea of coming back again after unexpected results in the by-election.
Rajani is talking about a lot of topics during the Mathamanthi with fans. He is particularly remembering his film life experiences. Rajini said that the hero did not get hero in the film industry. His first earnings as a hero were remembered for Rs 50,000. Rajnikanth said that there should be a strategy to win in politics - to gain valuables.

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