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Modi spent Rs 3755 crores for campaigning in three Years.

New Delhi December 9 ( Minister Narendra Modi is not one in the mood of the moods but not the two ... no money Rs 3755 crores. Greater Noida-based socialist Ramvar Tanwar sought the RTI Act. The RTI reply was answered. In April 2014, between April 2014 and October 2017, 37,54,06,236,616 has been spent on this, while it is much higher than the allocation for various departments. 37540623616 has been spent for print media and out-door publicity, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said in a RTI application. Ram Weir Thanweer of Greater Noida has been asked to apply to RTI. The total amount of Rs 1656 crore was spent on electronic media campaign. Community Radio - Digital Cinema - TV - Internet - SMS and TVs spent this amount. Print media for Rs. 1698 crores were spent. Horticulture - Pallets and Book Letters cost Rs. 399 for the RTI application. It is noteworthy that the allocations made to a number of important departments are rare. The allocation for contribution to pollution is only Rs 56.8 crores. June 1 - 2014 and August 31 - 2016 - only Rs .1100 crore is just for Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaign. The Minister of Information and Broadcasting has provided a detailed reply to this question from June 1 - 2014 to March 31 - 2015 to Rs .448 crores - April 1 - From 2015 to March 31- 2016, 542 crores - April 1 - 2016 to August 31 - 2016 Rs. 120 crore has been spent. There is no media outlet like TV - and the opposite. For Prime Minister Narendra Modi's prestigious program Man Kebat in 2015, Rs. A RTI reply has been given to 8.5 crores.

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