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Gujarat... Bij ..!!?

Gandhinagar, December 11, ( is a thrill of winning in Gujarat. Surveys on success in this electoral race say their equations. In the first phase, polling was held for 89 seats. Gujarat polling in the country has attracted the attention of all the country. Gujarat Chief Electoral Officer BB Swaminathan said 72.02 per cent polling was recorded. On December 14, the second phase of polling is going to be announced. In the first phase of polls, there are 977 candidates, including Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Over 2.11 crore people have exercised their right to vote. This time in the polls in Gujarat, there is no dichotomy to the success of the Kamaladala. Earlier, 72.02 per cent polling was recorded in the polls last year, 59.77 per cent in 2007, 59.30 per cent in 2002, 59.30 per cent in 1998 and 64.39 per cent in 1995. Polling percentage has increased over the past. The survey was conducted jointly by ABB-CSDS in electoral equations in Gujarat. Of the 50 constituencies, 3,655 voters were surveyed and 43 per cent votes for BJP and Congress. In the 182-member Assembly, the BJP is likely to get 91-99 seats and 78-86 seats for the Congress. The BJP has been in power for 22 years. The BJP has once again won the elections and is looking to find out if Gujarat is going to get to them. The Congress has the same perseverance. KalaLanathas hopes to float the water in the flames of water flowing out of the flag. The Congress has not been able to work effectively in bringing the BJP deficiencies to the people. There is an expectation that the Kamalam party will be out of the way.

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