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Vice President tour in Visakhapatnam.

Visakhapatnam, December 9 ( Ramakrishna Bichrodad was born on Saturday morning by the Indian Vice-President, Venkiah Naidu, as part of the meeting of former students of Andhra University. Venkiah Naidu was accompanied by anchor and anchor students and researchers from the Arke Beach to the Park Hotel. He said that he did not get to higher position in studying in Andhra University. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Association of Universities, Industrialist Gunti Mallikarjuna Rao, State Human Resource Development Minister Bhagha Srinivasa Rao, MP K. Haribabu, Au Visi Nageswara Rao, Registrar Umamaheswara Rao and others. Venkiah Naidu started the Au Convention Center. He said the international conferences and national discussions should be celebrated.
Then he traveled to Beymi fish. There was a water scheme and storm aid centers. Speaking at the public meeting there, Dahood said that the storm remains a nightmare. The fishing village said that the village had grown in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the people and organizations that cooperate with village development. People said that they were faced with hooded hood. Interested youth are given training in Swarnabharati Trust and will provide free accommodation and dining facilities during trainin

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