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Drinking water to Khammam city by the end of this month: Mission Bhagirathi chairman

Khammam, December 21, ( will provide water to the Khammam corporation in the Khammam district as of March 31, 2010, "Bhaskar Vice Chairmen Vimula Prasanth Reddy said. The electro mechanical tasks for this purpose are going to be faster. On Thursday, Prashant Reddy examined Paleru Mission Bhagiratha's work in Khammam district. Electrical Mechanical works performed at Intel Wells, built in Palair Reservoir. Officials explained that the company had six motors in the company and four were working, while the remaining two stand would be bye. Two of the two were stuck and the trial could be run. If the work is completed, the water will be drawn from the 90 MLM Treatment Plant, which is constructed near the earpiece. Prashant Reddy had reviewed the progress of the Intra-tasks under the add-on to the workshop on the main tasks of the workshop on this occasion. In the 69 habitats for 71 residences, the officials said the water was tightened and the water would soon be done. This tour includes Khammam S. Srinivas, EI Shyamrao and other officials.

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