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Lalu spent the night sleeping in the first day of jail

Bihar December 25 ( Prasad Yadav, the former Bihar Chief Minister, went to Birsa Mandu jail in Ranchi, awaiting the sentence in the cattle feeding scandal and spent a night in a jail in the first day. The jail officials said he did not come out of the allotted room and stayed thinking long. On Sunday, no one met him. "We have been assigned 3351 VIP rooms and we have provided roti and milk curry on the first day. Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that he had appealed before the High Court to appeal to the CBI court. He said that the BJP government is acting in a lofty manner and struggles with social issues until his last breath. After that, all the cases coming up are to be broken down and the evidence is wrong. Lalu did not expect that he will be punished 20 years ago. But it is not possible to avoid the outcome of the fault of the background. Lalu offered Yama's duties to go to court when the case was pronounced in the feeding scam case. He went to court and thought that he would come back to the court. However, one of the things that happened was that one of them was convicted in the feeding case. Lalu was convicted and said the punishment will be revealed soon. He was shocked by the shock of an unexpected judgment. He thought he would go home with Vijayagvarm from the court. He had to go to jail from the court. As the former Chief Minister and former Union Minister, he is a party chief and the authorities are taking special care.
Lalu and 15 others were convicted by the CBI. Lalu's special facilities were set up in jail in the backdrop of Heart Surgery in the past. He is taking care of the food he gives. The TV room in the prison room .. Interestingly, in the case of the earlier case in the feeding case, even in the Birsamamanda jail in Ranchi, In the past 77 days, he was jailed and later released on bail. Lalu's rules are said to have broken in the jail at that time. Whether this is the method of the jail in a familiar jail? Should.

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