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KCR in Ramagundam

Karimnagar, December 8, ( Minister KCR was traveling in Nampzi Ramagundam on Friday morning. KCR, who stayed at NTPC on Thursday night, examined 8th unit work on construction at NTPC. Officials explained the details of the work. Tranco along with CE, Genco CMD Prabhakar Rao, Minister Harish Rao, MP Vinod Kumar and DGP Mahender Reddy are among others.
Then Nandi Medaram reached KCR to PumpHouse. There is a Medaram package-6 PumpHouse tasks, Tunnel is examined by the CE. In Ramakadam Mandalam Lakshmipur, the Kalesvaram Gravity Calvine Tunnel was also reviewed. The works of the tunnel tunnel were evaluated by the Ariel Survey.

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