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Jerusalam .. Trump Simple Check for the problem...

New York, December 12, ( ... the sanctity of the three religions. Jews, Christians, and Muslims. There have been controversy over such decades in Jerusalem. The story revolves around the centuries. Why is Jerusalem so special? Why are the three different religions Important? Jerusalem, Islam, Christianity, and the Holy Place for the Jews. From centuries the contents of the contrasts are associated with this. In 1948, the British Raj went to a dispute between Arabs and Jews over Jerusalem. The West Side was captured by Israel and East Side by the Arabs. Israel captured the eastern part of the war in 1967. That's why the Palestinian people live in the east. They do not have the right to vote in the Israeli election. Israel argues that this city is the capital of the Jews from 3,000 years old. Palestinian Arabs believe that the eastern half of the city in the future will be the capital. Thus Jerusalem became the center of the confrontation between the two races. The Mediterranean Sea about the city of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, on the Judean Mountains in the middle of the red Sea, Jews, Muslims and Christians ... is considered a very sacred, spiritual city. Many battles have taken place in the history of dominating this ancient city. Israel captured Western Jerusalem in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Jordan occupied East Jerusalem, a city of ancient times. Israel was under the control of the eastern Jerusalem in the Jordan ... Israel took control of it. Israel's claim to be the whole of Jerusalem from earlier. But the East Jerusalem is ... they always feel that it is the capital of the Palestinians. World nations also feel that East Jerusalem is Palestine ... Israel is occupying it. There was a debate in the United Nations. But Palestine is still not recognized as a country. The UNESO has not resolved the war between Israel and Palestine during the last half-century. The reason is Jerusalem's conflict. The world countries advised both sides to settle in harmony and negotiation. But Donald Trump has previously made a decision different from all those who served as US presidents. The Trump Government decided to move to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to mark Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the Arab world and Muslims, there is a lot of anger among Muslims around the world. It was announced in the election campaign that Israel would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The prevalence of the Jewish population in America too. Trump was guaranteed for their votes. Now it is fulfilled. Arab countries are unable to digest the American decision. Saudi Arabia, which supported the superiority of the day ... seems to be far away from the country. In the Middle East, there are a number of US supporters. The decision is made by the experts and experts. Both Israel and Palestine are closely related to our country. Since 1992, there have been good relations between Israel and India. Earlier, Narendra Modi recorded the record of first tour in Israel. On the other hand, Palestine Mohammad Abbas toured India. With the decision of the United States, India has diplomatic dilemma. However, the decisions of the Indian side in the case of Palestine ... are stable ... We will not have the third country on our decisions ... Foreign Ministry announced.

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