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Heavy arrangements for New year...

Hyderabad, December 12, ( Year in 20 days In 2017, we have to say goodbye to 2018. Arrangements have been made for New Year parties. Tickets are also sold as hot cakes. Packages have already announced all New Year party details on all event web sites. Surprisingly, some parties have been offered tickets as no tickets. The newer parties in bars, pubs, resorts, five star hotels and stadia in Hyderabad are now in full demand. On December 31st, it came together as well. Offers are offered with single, coupled, family packages. In Hyderabad, the New Ticket Single Ticket is Rs 1,000 (thousand). Couple pack is Rs 2 thousand Minimum. The minimum high class is at least Rs.4,000. Most coupled pack is about 15 thousand rupees. Limited to Rs. 2,000 coupled pack. For the same unlimited packaged packages, each couple pack starts at Rs 5,000. The 45 years have already been completed by the name New Year 2018. There are lakh tickets available from these 45 parties. Fizar hotels, in big resorts, have already been booked for VVIP tickets. General tickets are only available. Event managers say that ticket booking has been done in comparison with last year's New Year's party weekend.

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