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Chennai December 12, ( shaky body, black shadow .. but he shakes the silver screen. As he walks in style, the fan's whistles, shouts and clapping will change. With his old age, Josh and his style did not go down. He is Talaiva Rajinikanth. 'Hey .. Hey .. Hey ..' on the silver screen is the title of Superstar. He is not only in Tamil Nadu but also across the country. From a simple audience to all Bollywood heroes, all are his fans. Now the hero of this image from the South is not exaggerated. Will Rajinikanth's birthday come as a fan of fans? That is why Tamilnadu celebration is celebrating .. Superstar Rajinikanth is 68. Tamil Nadu is the poster of the day when Talaivaa birthday. Thalawake Photos On the occasion of Rajnikanth's birthday, Kala released a special poster of the film. The Rajani look is amazing in this poster. It is sure to see the fans watching the look that the massive audiences are hitting the gray hair and chin. However, there is no clarity on whether Rajini will participate in the birthday celebrations of the fans. Now the news is reported that Rajani is not in Chennai and does not know whether he will come to Chennai today. It is a bit disappointing among his fans who want to meet Rajani on the birthday. Yet they are celebrating their favorite hero's birthday celebrations to some extent. Currently, Rajani is playing '2.O' and 'Kala' films. These two films will be released next year. '2.O' is being produced by the Lika Productions company with a huge budget. Rajan's son Dhanush is producing 'Kala'. These two films have huge expectations among fans.

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