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Jana Sena Plan for Entry in Telangana

Hyderabad, December 8, ('s supporter Pavan Kalyan is planning to step down in Telangana. Pavan Kalyan decided to speak on the issue of unemployment. At the Osmania University, the Muralee family will be sued. On the other hand, Pavan Kalyan has been alerted on TRS on Telangana tour. Another political party in Telangana is going to boost its activities. Pavan Kalyan, who appears to be limited to Andhra Pradesh, is planning to land in Telangana. As polls are approaching, Pawan has been sharpening their political tactics. He is currently visiting the Central and state governments on various issues. The official TDP and the NCP are also engaged in criticizing the critics. The AP Jana sees excitement. He is trying to force the AP public to signal that he is entering the full level as a political party. On the other hand, Pavan Kalyan wants to start Janesena in Telangana state. Pawan Kalyan has been appointed to the Telangana region for a long time and has continued to function in Hyderabad. The party is still functioning in Telangana districts. Pavan Kalyan did not go anywhere beyond Hyderabad. Despite the pressure from all sides to speak on the issues, Janasana's chief has given preference to Andhra. But as elections are approaching, his efforts to strengthen the party in Telangana. Pavan decided to visit a student who committed suicide at the Osmania University. He is going to Murali in Siddipet district soon after. Pavan Kalyan has a chance to respond to unemployment problem. Thus the TRS witnesses the movement of the Jan Sangha party. Rose leaders are trying to make a response to his visits in Telangana. The TRS leaders feel that the younger generation is fond of Pavan Kalyan in the wake of the adaptation. On the other hand, the opinion of the Jan Sangh Party in Telangana seems to be the name of the nominee TRS senior. Even though some of the youngsters are concerned, Pawan Kalyan is not likely to cope. The TRS is the most powerful party, Yet the TRS is committed to giving a proper counter to Pavan Kalyan's political speeches.

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