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Gujarat polling will all be done

Gandhinagar, December 8, ( Assembly elections will be held in 89 constituencies in the first phase of polling. In the first phase, many Hemahemes are trying their luck. In the first phase, there are 977 candidates, including Gujarat Chief Minister Vajpayee. A total of 977 candidates are in the fray for polling in the 89 constituencies. Of these, 57 women candidates are contesting for polling stations 24, 689. EMS has 27, 158 ready to use votes. Almost all the people have photo id cards. The total voters are 212.31 lakh while male voters - 111.06 lakh, female voters - 101.25 lakh and third party voters - 247. The voting percentage amongst the middle ages is crucial. Voting is 18-25 years old - 35.29 lakhs, 26-40 years old - 78.69 lakhs41-60 years old - 70.32 lakhs
Over 60 years old voters - 28.02 lakhs have to exercise their right to vote. Kamaraj is the largest constituency with 4,28,695 voters while the North Surat
There are 1,57 and 250 voters in the minority constituency, mainly from the Rajkot seat of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Congress candidate Indranil Rajan is giving him a stiff resistance. Since 1985, this position has been to the BJP. In 2002, Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the chief minister to contest the same. Indrani East Rajkot sitting MLA from Congress, he was transferred to West Rajkot as part of caste equations. On the other hand, the posters of East Surat appeared on the last day of campaigning in the state that Congress would win the senior leader Ahmed Patel. Meanwhile, another sexy CD of the Patiala movement leader Haridak Patel created a dilemma when preparing for early polling. In the 89 constituencies, the BJP-89, Congress-87, BSP -64, NCP-30, Shiv Sena-25, AAP-21, CPM-2, CPI-1 and Independents-658 candidates are in the fray. In the latest clippings of five ... Hartik, along with two men, a woman in a room. However, the BJP is politicizing the creation of Fake videos, Panditar Anamat Anandan Sam Kodi convenor Bambhuniya alleges. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in 14 public meetings in Saurashtra and West Gujarat. Rahul has been campaigning for a week. The BJP, which has maintained power over the past 22 years, has won once again, and Gujarat is looking to prove to them that they are. Oppion polls are also the power of the BJP.

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