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In Vizag End of Ram Nath Kovind tour

Visakhapatnam, December 8, (  Ram Nath Kovind attended Visakhapatnam on the second day of the trip to Visakhapatnam. After receiving the honorary award of the Navy The presentation of Colors was held at INS Sarkar Field. Submarine began on December 8, 1967 in the Indian Navy. This festival is celebrated when the submarine enters the Navy at the age of 50. The parade comprised 39 officers and 621 sailors and 150 marine sailors from Submarine. Addressing the Eastern Navy, President said, "India is of great importance in naval sailing. Indian economy is dependent on the sailing sector. 90 per cent of the trade is going through the sailing. The submarine division is the most powerful unit in the Navy. Navy said that there are 25 submarines in the country ... the enemy is willing to continue this spirit. The programs that were set up by the Navy were briefly spoken to the President of the Indian Navy at 10:30 am after the end of the day and departed from the Navi Air Station at 11 pm. The country's first citizen is Rama Nath Kovind Governor of Gujarat, Narasimhan, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, greeted with great blessings ... So the two days of President's visit in Vishakha ended .....

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