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Postponed for two weeks ..tet exam..

Vijayawada, December 21, ( appears to be a postponement of the Teacher Eligibility Test in Andhra Pradesh. The government hopes to postpone the test in the wake of the demands coming from candidates that the time required for the preparation of the notification is less time-consuming. The ticket should be conducted from 17th to 27th January as per the notification now. This deadline is likely to be extended for another 15 days. The government is likely to announce formally in two or three days. The appointment of a haltikkut number is applied to the tat application. Those who wrote in the past have forgotten and lost their halltick numbers. This has become difficult to apply. In 2015 TET, DSC combined with the name of TRT. TAT organized in the joint state of 2011, 2012. Candidates qualified at that time also lost their certificates. This means that the date of birth or any other information is required to change the details. On the other hand, human resource minister Bhagha Srinivasa Rao discussed the task of handing over DSC's responsibility to the Public Service Commission of Andhra Pradesh. APPSC Chairman Uday Bhaskar and School Education Commissioner Shyideeni attended the meeting at his office in the Secretariat and the APPSC Chairman expressed his willingness to manage the DSC. The minister suggested that officials should take stronger measures without any technical and other hardship and ensure appointment orders to candidates nominated by June 12, 2018. On the other hand, the tet application process began on December 18. The deadline is January 1.

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