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Nursing drought in the pediatrician...

Vizianagaram, December 8, ( are approximately 60 to 70 patients in both wards. The only staff nurse at night is to serve all those who are burdened by herself. The need to run if needed in the next one while serving in a ward. Patients are suffering from this. Single staff nurse for two wards: There are 28 to 35 patients in each ward. According to the provision, 15 patients have a staff nurse. Pony is a stop nurse for a ward Medical staff have been suffering from a staple nurse for two wards at night. Patients are overwhelmed by the large hospital in Gila. At the same level should be staff. The ward is required to have three staff staff nurses each duty of duty. If so, the services are timely to patients. The hospital staff has to increase the number of nurses. In the mid-wages, the hospital authorities are putting a single staff nurse for two wards. This is a condition that patients need to take in emergency situations. With a single nurse, there is a serious delay in getting services. Kendraparithi has an Emergency, Aarogyasri, Pavar, Children's Ward, Women's Fever Ward, Surgical Ward, Men's Medical Ward, Surgery Ward, Tardi Ward, Burning Ward. All this requires a proper staff.

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