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Increased cyber crimes in Vijayawada

Vijayawada, December 29 ( of Police gowtham Sawang said cyber crime has increased over the past. People should be alert. The annual report of Crimes of 2017 was released on crimes committed in Vijayawada City, In the last five years, 148 cases have been registered and 142 girls are entrusted to their relatives. The remaining 6 gurus are going for girls. Road accidents amounted to 1613, of which 360 were killed and 1486 injured. We are taking steps to prevent road accidents by using helmet. Drunk and drive cases were registered on 5,498 this year, while 207 people were jailed and others were fined. Some caste, community, and religions said that the two sides had provoked one another over the concerns, public discussions, and demoralization of the people.
He said 907 cc cameras have been set up in Vijayawada city and hence the use of advanced technology to take measures to prevent crimes. In the new capital, he faced many challenges and acted with a zealand and handed him over. This year 1827 complaints of call money have been received and 1772 complaints have been solved and 834 complaints have been solved. The CB said that the murders were 33, kidnapping 31, rape cases 77, and mental injuries 596. This year the property crime was recorded 2051. They are less compared to last year. Suicide cases triggered 22.22 percent, family harassment 5.56 percent, fraud cases 18.33 percent, women's humiliations 32.83 percent cases and 55.55 percent cases of fornication. They have increased compared to last year.
Chain snatching was 80 this year, as the surveillance on the groups has decreased compared to last year. In the year 2017, 2,375 cases were registered in Gambling and other gambling and Rs 30,25,172 were seized. We arrested 65 cases of molestation and 16 cases of molestation. While 185 cyber crimes were registered, 120 cases of online banking frauds were reported, while 46 cases were recovered and Rs 27,83,649 was recovered. Cyber crime has increased over the past year. In the year 2017, 992 cases were registered, he said.

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