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The number of districts below 25 in Telangana

Hyderabad, December 29, ( districts are redeeming to reallocate lolli again. Telangana, which is less pre-divisional, is divided into 31 districts. All limited area was converted into district. There were criticisms in this regard, and some of the districts' demands were heard. How is it that the division has been completed with the division of 31 districts? Now there is a proposal to cancel some of the district's names in some districts. The government believes that the government should consider rolling out the rural districts and combine them into urban areas. It is reported that Chief Minister KCR has been ordered by the Chief Ministers and Chief Ministers to take into consideration the opinion of the people in this regard.Don't be .. Cancel .. Will the Warangal Rural, Jangagam, Nirmal, Medchal, Or to dissolve into other districts? Information about the debate on the topic

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