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In December 26 films

Hyderabad, December 7, ( if the massive films were released in November itself ... December also does not seem to be exempt. Movies are also going to be released this month. Already six days have passed since this month. From the seventh date, the movies are coming up. All of this is not the case .. The 26 films are scheduled for release.If you can check this list once on December 7, Saptagiri LLB will be back on December 8, Rava, Rara, Thozogodu, on December 15, My Love Story, Juliet Lover of Idiot, December 21 Nani MCA, On the 22nd, on the 24th of December, 24th Day, the spy, 25th Mahanatyam, My Love Story, 29th, Kopurimatta, Gajja Rudu, you push, moon rave, Kalyan Ram, MLA, Howrah Bridge, the driver of Lord Rama, at the end of this year, the upcoming release of Ivy sinimaluvitillo Chalo .. there are some good anticipated a need for films. MCA, Hello, Mahanatyam, MLA. All the four films are of interest to you. About 100 crores rupees pre-release business is going on these films. They have to wait for the sensational successes. The rest are all in the movies. Any success in these would be bonus.

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