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Lokesh counters to Jagan

Vijayawada, December 8, ( Lokesh, Leader of Opposition Leader YS Jagan, has announced their family assets. Speaking positively about Pawan Kalyan .. On Thursday he gave a counter on his hereditary comments. Polavaram said that he will take time to build up the pottisamma .. He is trying to build Polavaram on the battlefield. Now the Opposition who is talking about Polavaram .. In the past, when their leader is in power, why do not you start the polls? Lakshak said that the tasks are fast.
Pavan Kalyan wants to complete the project. But Jagan and Vikas want to complete the project, "Lokesh said. They want to recognize the difference between the two. Opposition leaders have acted in the past also during the polemic construction. The Government of Tamil Nadu has the power to show. The opposition did not do anything except criticism. We are the Opposition in the AP and we say that the ruling party is ourselves. Asked how much justice would be required to wipe out the assembly and make an all-party meeting. Pawan said that he is coming to the houses of the Congress and said that the chief minister wanted him to be the Chief Minister of Jagan. At the same time Lokesh gave a mention. He is capable of knowing their father Chandrababu better. Lokesh has given the counter.The people do not see the voters. Lokesh made it clear that they will vote for those who are in the side of the people. It is true that the successor in politics. But the successors will also stand up if they are people. Lokesh Pawan, who has responded that he will stand in the same way, has given the counter.

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