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Election fever one year ahead...

Visakhapatnam, December 15, ( Fever Begins. It is already in the AP. TDP and the leaders of the VCP are moving over the heights. The winning loses are just the worst. Betting a year ago is going on. The balance of the original candidates is still calculated. As a result, the tension was initiated. Defeat is tied to TDP with the addition of MLAs. There are more than three hundred leaders. But the seats are 175. Some of them have to be part of the alliance. As a result, TDP supremo, CM Chandrababu Naidu is the seat distribution on the knife. Those who are hopeful that they will get a seat are trying to get them. Once again, the seat is the same. All the MLAs are now holding their seat in the rapidly developing Vishakha district. As a result, the disagreement segregated. With the inclusion of the defective MLAs, the seniors who had hoped for the place and the sarcasm positions. Party Incharge, former MLA Sivari Soma and senior leader Pangi Raja Rao are waiting for a ticket. Kodari Surveyswara Rao, who entered the TDP, was ambivalent. Even though the MLC said that he would give a seat, those hopes were not in vain. Former minister Manikumari, Bora Nagaraj and MVVS Prasad hoped for a ticket. With the arrival of Gaddi Ishwari, their hopes are no longer present. They are not nominated by nominated positions. As a result, TDP is filled with an unpleasant fire. Many MLAs from Yalamanchili and Chodavaram constituencies are coming to contest with Anakapalli. Anakapalli sitting MLA Paila Govinda Satyanarayana is facing allegations in the land grab case. There is a propaganda that he has no chance of giving a ticket. That's why he is going to contest from here, minister of the minister Sangeetha Srinivasa Rao and MP Avanti Srinivasa Rao. His cousin Paruchuri Bhaskara Rao, who is acting as TDP in-charge Bhimali, is expected to contest. Rural district party president Panchakala Ramesh Babu from Yalamanchili represents the position of Vishakha Dairy chairman Aaduri Tulsiravu's son Anand. Lalim Bhaskar's husband Lalan Bhaskar is looking forward to this seat. Chowdhury MLA KSNS Raju has a dominant battle between minister Baner Srinivasara Rao. Every time the constituency is changing, this time there is no chance of coming from some constituency in the city. He said that he was going to the tippee from this position. Overall Visakhapatnam politics is changing. Chandrababu was forced to intervene with the Minister, Now the rest of the leaders split up into divisions and become tired.

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