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Gas subsidy cut if the car...

Hyderabad, December 12, ( crore counterfeit cooking gas connections across the country have been identified. So for the government Rs. 30,000 crore subsidy on cooking gas. They say that they have to leave the cooking gas subsidy. Annual Income of Rs. 10 lakhs will be exempt from gas subsidy. The registrations of the government are collecting information from the RDO offices. The government learned that some consumers are getting 2 or 3 cars with gas subsidies. That is why the car's details are collected and the gas subsidy is expected to be eliminated. The government says it has identified 75 lakh fake connections. Gorantha found. The hill climbs the hill saying officers. Everybody knows that gas is illegal. It says that this is a disadvantage for subsidy. That was true ... some people went to court to pay for subsidized gas and why to pay subsidies to the public. Then see how it will come.

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