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Putting it apart from special status to the AP...

Vijayawada December 12, ( it apart from special status to the AP.... Package is not correct. Prtition guarantees are not implemented. That is, whether it is given to the rest of the states, whether it is funded by the government or not. In the case of polavaram, the chairs are coming down. Now there are allocations for the housing sector. The Center is doing injustice to the allocation of houses to Andhra Pradesh. As Venkiah Naidu as Union Minister, houses were provided under centrally funded central schemes. Then there is no wave. In the allotment of rural poor, the name of the AP is not granted. The center of Telangana has the same discrimination. Under the Prime Minister Awaaz Yojana separation of the towns and rural areas, houses are allocated. For the rural poor in AP under the PMA-Gramine for 2016-17 and 2017-18, 1,23,112 houses have been allocated. Of this, only 70,674 houses are available for Telangana. A total of 11,76,617 houses were allotted for Bihar. In the next row, UP had 9,71,852 houses while Madhya Pradesh had 8,37,679 houses and West Bengal had 8,11,141 houses. Think of the larger states than the AP. But why is it wrong that the AP, Telangana are allotted 4,39,275 homes for Chhattisgarh and 7,36,600 houses for Odisha. It's like playing the center of the center. There is a campaign that the Telugu states do not like to develop. In the past, the Congress government has done so. It is arguable that Sonia Gandhi has made the state of the state feel it is difficult to come into the development of the Telugu state. Now the BJP has been criticizing the two states for blocking it.

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