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Revant Reddy entered the role of the perfect Congress leader

Hyderabad December 12, ( Reddy entered the role of the perfect Congress leader. After joining the Congress Party, Gandhi first came into Gandhinha. The first day of Gandhi Bhavan's arrival, Revathy appeared to have been fully enacted by Congress. Congregation leaders have begun to speak with Rev. Speeches, friends, brothers, pujas and well-wishers. "Sonia Gandhi is not the birthday of December 9, but it is true that the decades-long Telangana is not a dream," said Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi's birthday in the history .. Telangana is going to be the day to decide. It is described as a very sacred day. This is the third stage in the Telangana movement, "said Rev. Ravant. Sonia Gandhi understood the wishes of Telangana children during the Congress, but alleged that the KCR family was robbing the state. The party is to join the party with the intention to unite the anti-KCR forces. Furthermore, Telangana children can no longer hold any flags of their parties, be their favorite Telugu language, be the BJP ... to catch any other color flags. To get rid of KCR, the final phase of the movement in the state is that it has only one flag of three colors. Later, Telangana minister criticized Ketiar. In Telangana, he said that he knows where Congress is and where he knows Congress history. It is a party of leaders who have not counted the lives of many great leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, and later Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Even though the party was wiping out in Andhra, Sonia said that the state of Telangana understands the wishes of the children. Then, Ketiar said something about the uncle. He has been employed with duplicate papers and now pension, that the Minister Ketiar's wife, Giridan Bidha, Gundula Bidha, Lamba Baba ... They need to tell the Telangana community. Countdown to KCR started from December 9th. 'Rasiipo KCR is coming to Congress workers. The hordes will turn, we will roll, we will talk about the KCR in the gully gully. " Finally, Jai Sonia Gandhi and Rahul led the speech. Revant's first speech as a perfect Congress leader. As many as in the Congress party, as the party is in Telangana, Reverent speaks as it is in the party! It is noteworthy that when the Telugu Desam came to be known as 'our favorite' The Congress party has always talked to the cottage. The signals were given to the front of the anti-TRS fight. It was the first day of Gandhi Bhavan's arrival. Ravant was seen as a complete emphatic leader.

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