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Effect on children with tv serials

Hyderabad, December 29, ( is an evidence that the serials in the TV are affecting the children. A baby girl in Karnataka, following a role in the serial of the car before forgetting the incident happened .. A boy named Chittaranjan (14) of Lucknow is playing with his sister Gunjan on Tuesday night. Some of the boys staying next to their house were provoked to appear in the serial of the 'Mahakali' serials. Chittaranjan chanced around the head and tried to get out of the tongue. The knee was strapped to the door to get more out of the tongue. Chinni struck the neck and Chittaranjan on the spot. Gunjan shouted to see how he could not move. In the meantime, the family moved to the hospital and moved Chittaranjan to the hospital. However, Chittaranjan had already lost his life. Some of the scenes in the serial can be found in the gooseberry. It is good to keep children from such serials in this background.

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