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Health cards for poor Brahmins

Hyderabad, December 28 ( first batch of Telangana Brahmin welfare Parishad, according to the decision taken at the first general meeting of the Brahmins welfare parishad chairman and state government advisor Dr KV Ramana Chari said that 200 brahmins are offering health cards under health insurance scheme. On Thursday, the National Insurance Company and Brahmin Welfare Parishad handed out health cards to the 100 Brahmin beneficiaries in Sawai Madhopur.
In this program, Brahmin Corporation Vice Chairman Jana La Narasimah Rao, Government Special Representative in Delhi, Dr. S. Venu Gopalachari, members of the MLC The legendary Satish and Rammohan, along with the National Insurance Company Regional Manager G.Sarala, Senior Divisional Manager G.Sunder Kumar and others participated.
Dr. K.Ramana Chari said that the special representative of the government in New Delhi is Dr. Venu Gopal Chari's chairman and MLC Sri Purnaam Satish Kumar, SriLL. He said that the committee comprised several Brahmin Committees and Associations and handed over the National Insurance Company to the leading insurance companies. He said that hundreds of Brahmin beneficiaries are providing health cards today.
The Brahmin welfare parishad vice president Jawala Narsimha Rao said 1000 rupees. If you make a turnover of Rs 3900 Brahmin welfare parishad is paying. The insurance cover will be over for a year, he said. He said the health cards are being issued with the aim of providing corporate medicine to the poor Brahmins as the government is offering corporate medicine to the journalists and employees. The scheme is applicable to 4th of the family. Medicaid can get up to Rs 2 lakh per annum.
Venugopalachari said that everyone aged 19 to 60 is eligible under this health scheme. If there is any health problem for those above 60 years, the financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh will be provided by the CFRF. He has appealed to upload revenue and caste certificates for health insurance online.
Mythical Satish said that for the first time in the country the Brahmin welfare parishad has been allocated 100 crore in the state budget to the state Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Brahmins suggested that the Brahmins should donate to the poor Brahmins to ensure that Akshaya Fund has been set up to help the Brahmans remain poor. Akshaya Fund has been awarded one hundred and one hundred and fifty-one hundred. Similarly, Sri Chikilam Anil Kumar donated Rs.100 crore check to Brahmin welfare parish chairman Dr. KVRamanachari.

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