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Distrust with Congress .. Clarity that is not in CPM

New Delhi, December 12, ( strategic development of the CPM  has been a barrier to the NDA government. The CPM has not consented to the political understanding of the Congress and other secular parties to achieve this objective. Two days were discussed at the Polit Bureau meeting. One of these was made by Sitaram Yechury, while the latter was made by Prakash Karat, In the next three years, both of them made their own suggestions on what the CPM would do with any political attitude. A draft political report was prepared for this. The report is likely to be sent to the Central Committee for consideration as it is unacceptable. The CPM said in a statement that the Polit Bureau had discussed the draft political statement at the 22nd National Conference and details of the discussions would be reported to the Central Committee meeting on January 19 and 21. The party leaders have made it clear that despite the consensus on the alliance with the Congress and other secular parties, it will continue to uphold the issue. On this basis, the party would be able to send a report to the Central Committee. Sitaram Yechury has made it clear that it is necessary to intensify the efforts of the Modi government to support the non-partisan parties with regard to political understanding with the Congress party. However, the senior party leader believes that Yechury feels that the draft clause should be removed from the clause of the 'Congress Party and not the political party with which it is supposed to be able to boost other secular parties'. However, the Karat group strongly opposed this argument. The Karat group, supporting the majority of the members in the Polit Bureau, insisted on his claim. In the present political situation, the BJP is the main political party, Karat said in its report that the CPM's key objective is to defeat the communal forces and not to have any political understanding with the Congress. He suggested that political and strategic steps should be taken in the present situation and the need to develop awareness with the regional parties, even though the alliance continues with the Congress. However, Karat clarified that this attitude is not realistic in practical terms

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