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Targeted by Jagan...

Vijayawada December 12, ( has happened to Pavan for four days? Have any public issue solved? Has any reason to make a meaningful debate on the issue at least on any issue? Everyone knows what the answer is. But the star's hero's tourism has been anticipated by some observers. Even if the political equations in the state are involved, the fighters in social media are making a new route. Pavan Kalyan is more than targeted by the Opposition party in his tour, and this time he is directly quoted by the name of the Jagan, and the Opposition party has responded to it. In this backdrop, Socialist Media has been supported by the party's supporters. For some time, PRP supporters or Pavan fans have been criticizing the Telugu Desam Party. Also, Bhajrapan and Prime Minister Modi are often criticized. In these criticisms, the VCP was not much sought to be overlooked except on roza. But in the wake of Pavan's tour, he suddenly started firing on the party's VCP party. Jagan and his supporters are scrambling with criticism for all of them. The Telugu Desam followers have always been banned by the opposition. On the other hand, the VCP fan also raised the aggression against Pavan. What's more interesting is that even Bhajan supporters have been fiercely criticizing Pawan. Those who have seen some social media in this setting are Vaikappa, Bhaja

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