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Conspiracy behind his nomination rejection: Jayalalithaa's niece Deepa.

Chennai December 5, ( former former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's niece Deepa did not repel the fire because her nomination from RK Nagar constituency was invalid. Accused of conspiracy against him. The Returning Officer dismissed her nomination as she filed an incomplete affidavit of the nomination as an Independent candidate. Deepa responded immediately. His nomination has been denied and has no official information. She said her nomination was passed in April last year but she said that the election was canceled because of the reasons. His nomination denounced the conspiracy behind the rejection. In the case of the affidavit, they gave me a lot of hassles. I received phone calls from senior government officials to withdraw my nomination. But they do not want to reveal their names. They also said that my nomination could be rejected. They did not stop the other candidates. I tried to stop it. Some people threatened to see how to nominate them. But this time I really did not take seriously their threats, "Deepa said.

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